Holter Monitoring

AxisVetTM offers 24-hour & 48-hour veterinary Holter monitoring for general and specialty practices, breed clubs, and research institutions.

Equipment: We offer state-of-the-art Holter monitoring services using the Burdick H3+ monitor with Hscribe software. This lightweight and compact monitor provides high-quality Holter tracings on various sizes of veterinary patients.  

How it works

General Practice, Specialty Practice, and Breed Clubs Requesting Single 24-Hour & 48-Hour Holter Study

New Clients can call our office at 1 (833) 925-0944 or click here to set up your account. Holter monitor, electrodes, hook up Instructions, and necessary supplies (electrode pads, razors and alcohol pads) will be provided. Comfortable Holter jackets can also be requested at an additional charge.

Specialty Practices / Research Facilities Performing Greater Than 4 Holter Studies Per Month

The leased Holter(s) will remain on-site, Mortara app installed, and upload dongle provided for easy web upload. Bulk supplies (electrode pads, razors, and alcohol pads) will also be provided. After web upload, Holters will be  processed after the Holter Process Form is completed via online form.

Breed Groups

Since many breed groups have purchased their own Holter monitors, AxisVetTM is actively working to get the compatible software interface for your particular monitor.

Reporting Your Completed Study

AxisVetTM uses Sharefile to quickly notify you via email that the completed study has been uploaded to your designate Sharefile folder. Since we are trying to remain environmentally conscious, printed Holter reports or full disclosures will only be available upon request. 

Event Monitoring Services - Coming Soon